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Please, take your time and enjoy the variety of these selected samples.  

  • These examples showcase various partnerships, briefs, competitive responses,  and solutions.
  • They are a part of a much larger body of results oriented work across 5 continents.  
  • Sample below only reflect english based master assets - but I own and lead global marketing campaigns across more than 70 countries.

HP Reinvent Print

Reinventing Print - A TV to digital film, to remind us that little things make a difference.  Driving awareness and engagement to a larger campaign.

HP 3D / Digital Manufacturing - New Solution Introduction

HP Digital Manufacturing launched a new 3D printing solution for high volume manufacturing - this video was one touch point of many, in the PR and market announcement.

HP and Star Wars TV Spot - Epic Battle!

HP and Star Wars commercial driving a new print service and shareable moments.

HP 3D Video - Customer Testimonial with Smile Direct

HP 3D Printing and SmileDirectClub deliver straighter smiles to millions.  This is one example of over 50 testimonials, across many verticals, which was developed to drive preference and consideration.

Instant Ink TV / Social Video - According to Steve

Series of engaging TV to social videos - this specific film, "According to Steve" was used in driving a new way to purchase Ink.

HP 3D Print Launch Vision Video

Original 3D printing business manifesto and vision video.

Social / Sharable Video Series - Mobile Print

Buffalo Wings - one of 16 fun, shareable engagement videos to drive awareness and trial for easy mobile printing with HP.

HP Holiday Hero TV Film - Drive Print Relevance @ Holiday

Print relevance TV spot to drive home project printing during the busiest season of the year.

Father and Son TV/Video for HP Instant Ink

A highly leveraged TV and video spot - showcasing how one piece of creative can be extended to over 40 markets, and 4 different product lines.

3D Metal Printing - Technical Video - How it Works

A more technical video example on how HP Metal Jet technology works.

Dog vs. Machine - Commercial Printing

Engage IT decision makers with this head to head contest - the Guinness Book record holder for printer speed vs. the worlds fastest balloon popping dog.

Oakley eye wear customer testimonial video

An example of a 3D print customer reference video - Oakley.